COPASA, Solutions for paper industry

More than 35 years experience in the industry gives us the possibility to apply our know-how in all projects in which we are involved. With the unique purpose of ensuring the satisfaction of our Customers, in COPASA we offer a complete service to the paper industry.


Our Customer support offer is integral and covers from the layout engineering, construction of equipments, supply of all kind of parts and equipment and their installation and commissioning. COPASA is not only technical; we also offer to our Customers the emergency service 24h, 365 days a year.

Thanks to the experience we gained, we are able to:


  • Construction. The knowledge of our team of professionals together with our facilities, at forefront technology, they are optimal to meet the quality and the high expectations of our customers.
  • Setup and assembly. We displace a team of specialists to your plant; they will fully handle the assembly and installation of each of the sections necessary for the best production.
  • Commissioning. With previous analysis of your needs and optimization in planning the production line, our engineers, experts in paper production, will be shifted to accompany you and your brand in the commissioning of the plant.
  • Maintenance. Our maintenance contracts stipulate an onsite and/or online monitoring through our best specialists. We offer two types of maintenance plans: preventive and emergency coverage.

All technical solutions are applied with a mission to improve the performance of your production plant, both in quantity and quality and energy efficiency.


In COPASA, we offer an integral service for the entire paper industry.

We are now ready to assist you.