Integral service for the entire paper industry

In order to offer our services in a quick and complete way, we have a large fleet of vehicles that meet all the needs of the paper industry. Including commercial vehicles as well as cranes for the movement of heavy parts and machinery. More than a dozen of vehicles at the disposition of our customers.

flota de vehiculos de COPASA

Vista de pájaro de todos los vehiculos que COPASA tiene disponibles para realizar la fabricación y mantenimiento a la industria papelera.

Through our fleet of vehicles, we are able to offer solutions from our facilities in La Pobla de Claramunt (Barcelona) to Customers in any region, eliminating distances.

Our commercial vehicles and vans allow us the movement of skilled operators to paper production plants for required repairs and maintenance tasks. In each expedition, according to the required works, we equip the van with the necessary tools to do the job with all the guarantees.

The wide range of trucks allows us to select the ideal vehicle as per the needs. Depending on your request, we are able to use a vehicle or other, optimizing the cost and performances for the customer.

Light commercial transport. The box vans offer great versatility for the benefit of the response speed for any job.

grúa y camiones COPASA

Los camiones pequeños y la grúa ayudan a realizar trabajos en cualquier planta industrial de papel.

– Trucks. Available in order to increase the productivity of our customers and contribute to their comfort, reducing the cost by avoiding intermediaries. We have a 3 axle truck with crane and a trailer.


La grúa de COPASA apta para realizar trabajos de hasta 30 Toneladas.

– Freestanding crane. We have a crane with a lifting capacity of 30 tons for all kinds of assembly and dismantling and loading of containers

Our vehicles are the perfect complement to our teams of professionals. The result of their summation and our experience, allows us to carry out our services offer so as to meet smoothly the needs of the paper production market.

Vehiculos industriales para papeleras COPASA

Vista de todos los vehiculos de COPASA. Todos ellos ayudan a llevar a cabo los servicios de la empresa.