Complete Machine

At COPASA we are experts in the paper machine. If you are looking for complete papermaking machines, you have arrived at the right place. Thanks to our experience and professionalism, we offer complete machines to make toilet paper, tissues, cartons and much more. Our complete paper machines are especially suitable for paper mills and factories of paper and cardboard of all kinds.

We offer complete papermaking machines, both pre-fabricated and used machinery, as well as for the production of paper pulp and all papermaking processes. With our paper machines you will not miss any extra, since we manufacture our machines of paper to measure according to the needs of the client. Our complete paper machines are divided into different lines and products according to the type of manufacture and line that our customer needs:

Machines for the manufacture of tissues: COPASA’s tissue paper machines and toilet paper machines are the first in quality. We assure a know-how and we accredited years of experience to offer our customers the best solution for their papermaking plant.

Fluting liner manufacturing machines: at COPASA we offer the best machines for the manufacture of fluting liner or corrugated lining for the carton interior. Ideal for cardboard factories that want to have total control over their production with machinery to measure for their carton plant.

Cardboard Machines: COPASA is able to design and build complete plants dedicated to the manufacture of carton. These are machinery for cardboard manufacture that will adapt perfectly to the existing line as we adapt to the needs of the customer, or complete carton manufacturing plants if the customer wishes.

Stock preparation lines: COPASA designs and supplies equipment and facilities for the preparation lines for paper pulp, which will then be converted into tissue or paperboard. We offer our customers complete lines of preparation of pasta with screens, thickeners, paste pumps, water and thick paste scrubbers, equipment for thick purification, fine purification, dispersions, deinking and designs for recovery and recycling of tetrapack. Complete machines perfect for a paper and paperboard manufacturing plant.



Stock preparation lines


Fluting Liner