Forming section

With regard to the construction of forming sections, we strive to meet the highest expectations in terms of production quality and used components.

Whatever your needs and type of paper to produce, we will advise you in order to develop the solution that best suits you.

We are specialists in cylinder moulds for cardboard making, in flat forming wires (tables) (single or multiple layers) dewatering systems for top wire, inclined wires and Crescent Former.

COPASA uses only stainless steel parts with proven effectiveness to ensure the best possible durability of our products. We offer the assembly solutions as well as anything you might need, for example, a fitted design and the production and installing of parts according to foreseen scheme. In any case, we will always offer the solutions that ensure optimal performance.

In COPASA we guarantee that our team of professionals will provide the best service when remodeling and expanding or installing your new forming section.

For more information, we will be happy to assist you: