Whether conventional or Helicoidal, COPASA pulpers guarantee optimal disintegration, whether dealing with cellulose or waste paper of different qualities.

We also supply continuous or discontinuous cleaning systems, for conventional and helicoidal pulpers, whether existing ones or supplied new.

The pulpers designed by COPASA offer optimal energy performances, with homogeneous disintegrations. Likewise, all the rotors have the optimum design for the best ratio between acceleration, agitation and the mixing of the slurry.

COPASA offers to the customers pulpers with different designs and sizes, depending on the installation location, and the type and quantity of pulp/waste paper intended to be used. We are not only supplying pulpers for the main disintegration of waste paper or cellulose, we also have experience to fit the pulpers under paper machine, whatever their position: under machine-end pope reel, in the size-press, in press section or in the forming section.

If you want to learn more about the pulpers, please contact us. We will gladly work with you in order to design the solution that best suits your needs:  sales@copasa.eu