If you contract the consulting and engineering service, COPASA will put at your disposal the human means and the technical solutions needed to improve the performance of your paper production plant, in terms of quantity, quality and energy efficiency, as well as to discover the potential of your production process, which could otherwise go unnoticed.

The engineering work can have the following starting points:

  • Stock preparaion
  • Forming section
  • Recovery of fibers through the filtering of white waters with reduction of fresh water consumption
  • Paper machine
  • Vacuum system, steam and condénsate system
  • Optimization of consumption and performances

Concerning the operation of your paper machine, for example, we can help you with the paper passing system within the different sections of the machine, improving the speed and minimizing losses due to breakage. In addition, we will carry out an analysis of the design and construction of the hydraulic and pneumatic existing units, in order to assess the possibility of increasing the productivity of the machine and the quality of the paper, with the application of last generation coverings and clothing.

First of all, we consider ourselves partners with our customers, that is why we work with a common purpose. An engineering project is the best solution to the problems that may arise, since it is a job that is done with a specific and well-defined purpose.

In this process, we make a current and real study of existing resources and equipments, so that both the problems and the solutions are specified as strictly detailed specifications. Finally, the Customer receives a document which contains the full technical analysis of the situation from which he can take quick, concrete and well based decision.

Thanks to this engineering project, your company can benefit from the know-how accumulated by COPASA in more than 40 years of experience in the field of papermaking industry.

Of course, all that we have mentioned previously is applicable for new implementation projects in which all these commitments are already implicit.

For more information, we will be happy to assist you: