Rebuilding of secondhand machines

Due to the large number of machines available in Europe, and for more than 40 years, we have accumulated the necessary experience to rebuild, adapt and modernize the machinery so as to put it into production, getting the same quality and performance as if it were a new machinery.

All this process is made possible thanks to our facilities and infrastructure, which allows making a complete pre-assembly of the machine to be delivered.

The supplied rebuilt machine, has the same guarantees like a brand new manufacturing machine, because the process carried out by COPASA is extremely meticulous and rigorous, discarding any component which is not of our confidence

Such projects have the following benefits:

  • Reduced investment of the initial capital
  • Relatively early Payback
  • Same guarantees as new machinery
  • Quick return on invested capital
  • High internal rate of return (IRR)

If you have located a secondhand machine that is of your interest, contact us for a budget of an optimal rebuilding, engineering and adaptation process in the new facility. We will be pleased to help:

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