JVC® is a division within COPASA®, specialized in providing cleaning and conditioning elements of the different clothing of a paper machine.

JVC® has a wide range of showers, always made of stainless steel AISI 304/316 and/or corrosion free materials such as technical plastics and bronzes.

We have the possibility to supply high-pressure and low-pressure showers, fixed or with oscillating system, as well as the large-flow showers (for sheet/edges drop) and cutting of sheet width.

The oscillation systems are electromechanical, equipped with electric panel and speed/frequency inverter, so as to synchronize the shower advance with the machine speed, maintaining an optimal cleaning of the clothing.

We manufacture customized and as per the needs of each type of paper machine, up to 6 meters wide and operating speeds of 2000 m/min.

For the felt conditioning, we design and supply suction boxes, with 1, 2 or 3 grooves with high density plastic or ceramic coatings.

For additional information, we will be pleased to assist sales@copasa.eu

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