Drying section

Para fluting liner y cartón:

It is important to have a dryer section with optimal and modern design so as to achieve a high level of productivity. In COPASA, we pay special attention to adapt the drying processes to the specific needs of the paper.

Thus, our customers can only be benefited by the extensive experience and deep knowledge we have gained in this field. We offer advanced solutions that incorporate steam and condensate systems as well as the technology of last generation hoods with high energy efficiency.

We also have solutions for the passage of the paper, either with the use of rope system, strip cutters or by compressed air.

COPASA is the partner you need to increase the production of paper, regardless of the way you prefer to take to achieve that purpose, either the update of an existing drying section with the corresponding extension or adaptation, or installing a new dryer section and ready to start working with the latest technology.

There is the possibility of combining high quality steam and condensate systems with methods of aeration of the facilities and with ventilation or hoods technology and thus offer a single system that integrates the best features in your particular case.

For additional information, we will be pleased to: assistsales@copasa.eu