Secondhand machinery

At COPASA we sell used machinery for the paper industry. We have used industrial machinery that will perfectly fit your business and the assembly lines already consolidated in your paper company.

COPASA used machinery is cheap machinery but of great quality, durability and resistance. In COPASA we specialize in machinery for the paper industry, we dispose exclusively of paper machine for the paper industry.

At present, COPASA has a large variety of used industrial machinery on offer such as:

– Retractable GARPER
– Heat shrink tunnel
– Industrial heater
– High pressure industrial fan
– Strip grinding blower

We also have a large selection of cheap used machinery perfect for the paper industry:
– Machines for the production of tissues
– Complete plants for tissue manufacturing
– Complete converting line
– Fluting Testliner Machines
– Papermaking machines
– Cardboard Making Machines
– Pulp preparation machinery
– Handling machines

These are paper machines that can be introduced into existing lines, or complete papermaking plants, perfect for new paper industries.

If you are looking for used machinery for your industry, you have arrived at the right place. Find your offer in industrial machinery and finally creates a perfect plant for your company.

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Strips Disposer Fan




Retráctil GARPER


High Pressure Fan FERRARI