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Complete plant, from pulper to slitter-rewinder, for the manufacturing of tissue. Papers, based on virgin pulp. All the indicated elements are included in the supply.

Manufacturer: RECARD
Type: Crescent former
Year of construction: 1998
Nominal width: 2780 mm
Trimmed width: 2730 mm
Design speed: 1500 m/min
Production speed: up to 1450 m/min
Grammage: 14 to 23 GSM
Production: 75 ton/day
Raw material: Virgin pulp
Drive voltage: 400V 50 Hz
Machine Drive type: (AC & DC 400V)
Hood Drive type: Siemens AC
With DCS system.
Major rebuilds: Headbox refurbished by RECARD (ST
Key products: all type of hankies, napkins, facials, toilet


a. Pulper conveyor belt, with 1,5 kW electric motor.
b. Medium consistency Conventional Pulper, capacity 40 m3 electric motor.
c. Pulper discharge chest, 70 m3 and 18,5 kW electric motor.
d. High density cleaner, capacity 1800 l/min.
e. Double disc refiner BRUNO, 26”, with 375 kW electric motor.
f. Double disc refiner BRUNO, 26”, with 375 kW electric motor.
g. Stock chest, 70 m3 electric motor.
h. SULZER Fan-pump, type ZPP42, with 508 kW electric motor.
i. ST MACCINE Pressurized screen, with 45 kW electric motor.


1. Forming section, Crescent Former type

RECARD Headbox, rebuilt in 2011.
Slice width: 2780 mm
Number of layers: 1
Forming cylinder, diameter 1540 mm
5 wire rolls, diameter 530 mm
8 felt rolls, diameter 480 mm
Number of suction boxes: 2 units

2. MG Cylinder:

Diameter: 3580 mm
Face width: 3050 mm.
Working pressure: 7,5 bar
With creping, cutting and cleaning doctors.
Metalized by JAGER in 2015

3. Suction Press:

Face width: 3320
Diameter: 1040 mm
With 1 suction chamber

4. Hood:

Maker: Valmet
Energy: Natural gas, maximum blowing temperature is 450 oC.
With profiling system.

5. Pope reel:

With automatic spool storage system
Maximum winding diameter: 2000 mm
Maximum width: 2730 mm

6. Accessories:

Brunnschweiler dust exhaust system, from 2011.
Voith infrared scanner, from 2012
Hydraulic system
Lubrication station
Water treatment system
Spares: mechanical and electrical standard spares.
Consumables: some felts and wires

7. Rewinder:

Number unwinding stands: 4.
Maximum working width: 2820 mm
Maximum diameter of parent reel: 2200mm
Maximum diameter of final reel: 1500mm
Operating speed: 1500 m/min
Number of slitting knives: 16 units
With dust removal system.
With final wrapping system

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